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Not much

2009-08-07 12:23:00 by E-moneyy

News is in don't pop pels um don't save cat's um never kill a dog
um it's not worth it and stay in school.. if posbole.
"No Money Peeps" thank you.


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2009-08-07 13:09:34

There are no girls on Newgrounds.

E-moneyy responds:

So what das that make you X)


2009-08-07 13:12:15

Leave your thoughts about: Not much


2009-08-07 13:29:16

ok thats good to know


2009-08-07 13:44:09

There are no girls on Newgrounds? It's not only Newgrounds, but the entire internet(s). But to the Author, rest assured I will not give you money.

E-moneyy responds:

Money funny go get a job.


2009-08-10 10:31:43

funky samus art i love metroid so i recommend it to the art portal so make more.:]


2009-08-10 11:13:59

make more art!


2009-08-12 18:37:46

Wow, all the "art" he "made" is not his.

E-moneyy responds:

What all that art was mine why is it gone?